We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been selected as USA Fencing's preferred college counseling & admission provider!

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Our Candidacy Building™ program will prepare your students for their academic future and 7x their chances of getting admitted into a Top 10 school!

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At InGenius Prep, we know that to get in, you have to stand out.

We have reflected on our years of admissions experiences, analyzed the competitive landscape, and know exactly what it takes to get accepted. Time and again, we come back to the same essential question: what makes you unique?

Our approach to counseling emphasizes independence and leadership, creative thinking and entrepreneurialism, as well as diversity and self-reflection.

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“My daughter worked with InGenius Prep for a few years with phenomenal results. They helped her develop her interests and take on leadership roles in her school. When it was time to apply in her senior year, they helped her frame her application to make her stand out. She received two Ivy League offers!"

- Susan, High School Parent

Here's how our Application Counseling program works:


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Meet Our Team of Former Admissions Officers

We'll match your child with one of our 150+ expert Former Admissions Officers from top-ranked schools to provide customized counseling and individualized strategies to increase their chances of acceptance to their dream schools! Meet a few of them:


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Heather McCutchen | Former Admissions Reader, Dartmouth College

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Precious Eboigbe | Former Admissions Officer, Harvard

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Zak Harris | Former Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Johns Hopkins

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Nam Hartley | Former Application Reader, Duke University

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Natalia Ostrowski | Former Assistant Director of Admissions, University of Chicago

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Nicholas Strohl | Former Senior Assistant Director of Admissions, Yale

Circle Testimonial Images (16)

DJ Rock | Former Assistant Director of Admissions, MIT

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Victor Olakojo | Former Admissions Officer, Boston University

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been selected as USA Fencing's preferred college counseling & admission provider!

Your student will receive individualized expert counseling on:

Interest, Major and School Exploration

Extracurricular Selection and Enhancement

School Break and Summer Planning

Summer Application Editing

Course Selection and Examination Scheduling

1:1 Meetings with Graduate Coach & Former Admission Officer

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“InGenius Prep has been a huge help throughout my son's high school journey. They were instrumental in getting him into top schools, with offers from Ivy Leagues. Highly recommend!”

- Priscilla, High School Parent

Our Mission:

Help your student outperform their admissions odds and get into competitive schools.

Who is our Candidacy Building™ program for:

High schoolers who are aiming for for competitive colleges. If your student is asking questions like, "how to get into Stanford" in their senior year, they've started too late.

Students who learn well in a 1:1 setting to gain valuable advice and expert guidance tailored to their academic goals.

Families who are unfamiliar with the college admission process and need an expert Former Admissions Officer to provide clarity on the process early.

High Schoolers who need help strategically building their academic resume to achieve admissions to top schools when they go to apply.  

Families and high school students who would like to outperform their admissions odds and get into more competitive schools with our expert help.

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Check out our latest 2022-2023 Admissions stats!

86 Ivy League Offers

81% of Students Accepted to their ED/EA/REA School

112 Top 10 Offers

7x More Likely into Top 10 Schools

12 MIT Offers!

6x More Likely into Top 30 Schools

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